Don't let me down..

Alex Hepburn - UNDER

Don't bury me 
Don't let me down
Don't say it's over
Cause that would send me under
Underneath the ground
Don't say those words
I wanna live and your words can murder
Only you can send me under, under, under

I die every time you walk away

Don't leave me alone with me
See, I'm afraid
Of the darkness and my demons
And the voices, sayin' nothing's gonna be okay,
I feel it in my heart, soul, mind that I'm losing
You, me, you're abusing
Every reason I have left to live.


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  1. Líbí se mi ta poslední květinová fotka, i ta třetí je nádherná!♥

  2. The photos look amazing!
    Check out my blog at Miss Tangerine :)

  3. týjo, super fotky a celý blog-sleduji :)

  4. ta písnička je super :) a fotky jsou moc hezké :)
    Ráda bych tě pozvala na mou giveaway :)

  5. I absolutely love your photos <3

  6. Krásne! :)